Shall I Compare Thee to an HGV?

Well ladies, I’ve received my first token of love. It’s a poem and it was written by a very special gentleman caller of mine. His name is Brian and he’s a very important person who works for a very important company called Kraft Foods UK Ltd. We stole three days of Heaven at the NEC . Brian, there’ll always be Birmingham… x

Shall I Compare Thee To An HGV?

Shall I compare thee to an HGV?

Thou art more nimble and articulate

Rough winds may shake the M1 motorway

And normal trucks are past their sell by date

Sometime too hot the eye of vending shines

And often are its LCD lights dimmed

But you can park where ROI declines

And see the margins once again untrimmed

Caff, your eternal summer will not fade

You’ll be adored and never want for owt.

Though everyone at Kraft will seek your aid,

And those in Yorkshire don’t give owt for nowt,

So long as coffee’s drunk instead of tea

You’ll be the mobile vending truck for me.

With all my love,

From your very special friend

Brian-Wiarny Kiss-Kiss x x x

Brian Pilkington, Kraft Foods and Paul Shaw, Refreshment Systems

Paul congratulates Brian on his lovely poetry.


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